Welcome to the screen age!   We live in a world dominated by screens – TVs, computers, tablets, phones, ebook readers and now, even watches! While society as a whole is actively engaging in more and more screen time, it’s the youth generation who has the highest engagement rate; laptops, phones, tablets and video games.

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Mental Health is Health

“Mental health is health” wrote Madalyn Parker who gained publicity for her candid email to her colleagues informing them that she was going to have a day off to focus on her mental health so that she could come back to work ‘refreshed and back to 100%’. What was even more uplifting was the response

Who is WRM?   Founded in 1996, WRM specialises in proactive and evidence based return to work management services for injured workers. With a minimum of 5 years of experience in Occupational Rehabilitation, the team at WRM are truly well positioned to professionally manage workplace injury cases and to ensure positive outcomes for both the injured employee and