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Early Intervention

Manage the Impact of Injuries through WRM’s Early Intervention Strategies

The key to reducing workers compensation costs starts with Early Intervention. Our approach is “Early Everything”:

  • Early notification
  • Early triage
  • Early contact
  • Early return to work

Our vision is for all workers to return to work in a safe and timely manner following an injury. WRM believe that workplace-based rehabilitation is the most effective treatment as it addresses both the physical and the psychosocial aspects of a worker’s life.

WRM’s early intervention services are fully tailored to meet the needs of our clients, whilst ensuring compliance to legislative requirements. Services include:

WRM is on-call to answer your injury related and workers compensation questions.

Injury triage starts with a phone call to WRM. We will ensure that you are following best practice when it comes to injury management. WRM will meet with the worker and their nominated treating doctor to formulate a recovery expectation and provide advice and reassurance using an evidence-based approach to injury management.

Workers with an injury not only need medical intervention advice, care and support is crucial to their recovery journey. WRM ensures that the medical certificate accurately reflects the worker’s capacity for activity and that appropriate, effective treatment is prescribed. We also provide the advice, care and ongoing support necessary for a holistic, person-centred recovery program.

WRM knows that the wrong treatment provider can be detrimental to a worker’s recovery and wellbeing. We have relationships with trusted professionals who care about evidence-based, outcome focussed, injury treatment. These professionals understand the multiple health benefits of recovery at work and are committed to helping injured people resume meaningful work. If a worker has their own trusted treating professional, WRM will work with them to ensure that they understand the worker’s pre-injury role and we will work together to develop recovery goals.

These injuries, while not affecting your workers compensation premium, have a human, and financial, cost to both your employee and your business.

WRM attends medical appointments in order to develop physically suitable recovery at work plans with the treating doctor. Often an employer feels that they have no voice in front of the treating doctor but WRM’s experienced allied-health professionals can speak the same language and develop valuable rapport with the treating doctor so that they are willing to partner with us to develop a physically appropriate recovery at work plan. WRM ensures that the doctor understands the true physical demands of the worker’s role and that treatment prescribed is effective in achieving recovery from the injury.

WRM focusses on what the worker can do rather than what they can’t do. We negotiate with all stakeholders to ensure that early return to work is achieved. We ensure accountability for all parties through regular progress reviews to ensure upgrades are in line with expected recovery timeframes.

WRM’s involvement ensures that your managers are not spending time trying to engage with treating practitioners and can focus on their primary responsibilities.


Injury Prevention

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Safety training
  • Workplace design
  • WHS Compliance
  • Wellbeing Programs
  • On-site physio programs


Early Intervention

  • On-call support
  • Injury triage & claim management
  • Co-ordination of treatment
  • Support & guidance for the worker


Return to programs

  • Occupational Rehab Services
  • Job Seeking Programs
  • Vocational Services
  • Specialised Return to Work Programs for Older Workers


elearning recovery platform

Digital tools designed to

  • engage the injured person actively in their recovery
  • build resilience
  • develop psychological strategies for when life gets hard