Who is WRM and what makes us different?

Who is WRM?


Founded in 1996, WRM specialises in proactive and evidence based return to work management services for injured workers.

With a minimum of 5 years of experience in Occupational Rehabilitation, the team at WRM are truly well positioned to professionally manage workplace injury cases and to ensure positive outcomes for both the injured employee and the employer. It is important to us that all stakeholders to THRIVE, not just survive.
WRM focuses on continuous improvement through rigorous process management.
So you can be assured of a consistent, dependable and efficient service every time.
We do not promote ourselves to be everything to everyone, so we specialise in helping small to medium businesses get the same results as the big end of town.

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The importance of small business to the economy


In NSW, small businesses;

  • Employ around 1.5 million people
  • Contribute to more than $270B in sales and service income
  • Contribute to more than $41B in wages and salaries


Small-medium businesses (SMBs) are engaged in a diverse range of work ranging from simple services and products to more complex ones. SMB are plumbers, electricians, coffee shops, clothing shops, healthcare providers and even involved in construction and engineering services.

As a key contributor to the NSW economy, there is no doubt that SMBs are pivotal to the state’s success and the livelihood of many individuals.


Workplace injury prevention and treatment services for small businesses


While being small in size, there is no doubting the fact that an SMB is just as much at risk to workplace injuries as are larger organisations.

As an SMB expands and grows, there is a strong likelihood they will employee staff to help cope with their growth – which also brings the responsibilities for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the employee while they are at the work place.

Unfortunately many SMBs who employ staff are not fully aware of their duty of care to provide a safe work environment.

What’s worse is that if there is a workplace injury, the business owner is often at a loss as to what she should do.

Some of the challenges facing a small business owner, in the event of a work place injury, include;

  • Limited knowledge of the legislation and only on a needs basis, i.e. when the event happens
  • Lack of understanding of the real impacts of a worker compensation claim (hidden costs)
  • Limited internal resources to handle the claim – possibly only the owner
  • Fear that worker compensation insurance premiums will be affected
  • No systems and processes in place to deal with a workplace injury
  • Limited availability for suitable duties for return to work employees

Running a business is challenging enough – overlay this with a workplace injury and the challenges become much more daunting.

However, it does not need to be this way.

An SMB owner can take proactive measures by way of introducing injury prevention initiatives which is a proactive measure and in the event of a workplace injury, quickly engaging a qualified and experienced workplace injury management service provider to case manage the injured worker.

An early intervention to a business’s Work Health and Safety program is crucial as it helps to;

  • reduces injured worker recovery time
  • lowers claim costs
  • minimises required rehabilitation involvement
  • optimises positive return to work outcomes


What makes WRM different?


Using an innovative case management approach WRM supports our clients through early intervention. We focus on the specific needs of each stakeholder and ensure that all parties are allowed to thrive through the return to work process. There should be no winners and losers – it is possible for workers comp to be a win-win for everyone!

Through consistent support, guidance and active management, WRM has provided business owners; confidence, certainty and comfort in dealing with an injured worker.
Our purpose and benefit:

  • Cost effective, results driven rehabilitation services
  • Allow the Case Manager and Broker Consultant peace of mind that the claim is ‘on track’
  • Assist employers and brokers manage their workers compensation claims
  • Provide workers with a timely upgrade to pre-injury duties following a workplace injury
  • Ensure treatments are reasonably necessary and outcome focused
  • Management of psych-social barriers and worker’s expectations from date of injury

If your business has experienced a workplace injury or is looking at proactive measures to prevent workplace accidents, then visit WRM at www.wrm.net.au or call us on (02) 9893 1877.